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Fermented carrot sticks…for the Easter Bunny



The house is decorated for Easter and we have already dyed eggs three times! Teaching the kids about healthy eating is a challenge when the holidays seem to revolve around candy. So, we decided to make some fermented carrot sticks for the Easter Bunny because someone has to look after his health. We don’t want him to lose his only two teeth to the devastating effects of candy. This recipe is easy and fun to do because anything that requires a fermentation period feels a bit like a science project, and I love food science! We usually make our fermented foods with sea salt but today we are using Caldwell’s Cultured Vegetable Starter. We followed this recipe, and tweaked it a bit.


  • 2 lbs. Carrots, peeled and cut into sticks
  • 3 cups non-chlorinated, filtered water
  • Spices that you might want to add: cumin, dill, cilantro, garlic, etc. (we are using dill and garlic)
  • One of the following:


If using just salt or salt and whey, dissolve the salt in water and then add the whey. If using a starter culture, prepare the liquid according the package instructions. Place the carrot sticks and spices into the jar and pour the liquid over the carrots. Ideally the carrots should be submerged under the liquid, leaving one inch headspace. Place a lid on the jar, tighten and place in a cool spot to ferment for 1-2 weeks at room temperature. You will need to burp the jar every day for the first few days to release any pent up gases. Store cultured carrots in the refrigerator or root cellar.

Makes approximately two quarts.

This is a very kid friendly recipe. As you can see, even a princess can do it!