How to slice and freeze avocados



Avocados are a staple food in our household and we go through a lot of them every week. I sent my husband to the grocery store a few days ago and on the list it read “avocados, buy a bunch of them”…I should have been WAY more specific because he came home with a dozen avocados. Well, even the most avid avocado-eatin’ people can’t go through a dozen ripe avocados before some of them go bad. So, I had to do something with them. Then I found out that you can freeze them. Wow! Freeze them I did! They stay perfect and they last!

Here’s how I did it:

Slice an avocado into quarters and take out the pit. Peel off the outer layer. (Here’s a short video showing the same slicing technique that I use.) Stack into a plastic freezer bag and into the freezer they go. It’s just that easy. They work great for smoothies with frozen banana’s because they have a great ice-cream like texture when blended. Single-serving slices right out of the freezer.


This bag of frozen slices had been in the freezer for 2 weeks and they are still bright green!



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  1. So smart!! I normally buy 2 big ones for myself a week but I was at trader joes and got 4 because they came in a pack and I wasn’t sure what to do with the other because they will all get ripe at the same time and it’s just me eating them!

  2. Man I wish I would have known this for last year! My parents have an avocado tree and the tree produces hundreds and hundreds of avocados every year and I can only eat so much in a day. I always wondered if you could freeze them and if they would turn brown at all. Thank you so much for this post!!

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