Make your own baby shampoo


My kids love to make messes and this leads to lots of baths! The challenge is getting them clean, while not letting them soak in a chemical soup. We have used every “natural baby shampoo” on the market, and most of them work great. Unfortunately, I’m not such a huge fan of their prices! I decided to make my own because it saves some cash and I know exactly what my kids are bathing in. Plus, it makes their baby skin even softer! Need I say more?!

Now when you read the ingredient list below you might think “Dr. Bronners? That stuff is like $18 a bottle!”  Have no fear, you only use 1 cup for each batch of shampoo…that means you can make 4 bottles of shampoo from one bottle of Dr. Bronners. These are big bottles of shampoo, and they last a long time. Coconut oil is cheap and the lavender oil is optional (and also cheap). Seriously healthy savings!

All of these items can be found at your local Co-op or Whole Foods. If you don’t live near one, you can find them online in the links I have provided below…

You will need:

Mix everything together and put into a plastic container (no glass in the tub!). Shake it up. Done. We re-used an old Burt’s Bee’s baby shampoo container.
Note: Make sure to lather and rinse very well. I just lather, scrub and rinse right away. If not rinsed well enough, your kiddo will look like a greasy little monkey! But after soaking in that tub with the shampoo in the water, their skin is so soft!


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