Beef heart jerky



Beef heart is a super food that contains excellent amounts of CoQ10, B vitamins, folic acid, Selenium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Amino Acids. These nutrients boost our metabolism and help our bodies maintain muscle mass. CoQ10 is essential to heart health, is cancer protective, and it is present in every cell in the body.

Statin drugs deplete CoQ10, which is unfortunate considering that the majority of people on statin drugs already have compromised cardiac health.

We have a very active family and my husband lifts weights (heavy weights) regularly, so I figured we could all use a bit of naturally occurring CoQ10. Plus, the other nutrients are an added bonus. The trick is actually getting my family to eat beef heart. Here is what I came up with.



Partially freeze the heart (this makes it WAY easier to slice thin). Carve off any fat and discard. Slice the meat into 1/4″ strips, like regular beef jerky. Place it into a glass container (important, as glass is non-reactive).

Mix up all of the ingredients (minus the heart) to make the marinade. Mix it to your taste. Depending on if you want it more sweet, salty, or tangy. I also like to add garlic occasionally. Once you achieve the flavor you like pour it over the heart meat, cover container, and let it marinate. Refrigerate for up to 24 hours. Then dehydrate in either a dehydrator or a low oven (200*F) until dry.


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