Festive Holiday Kombucha


In our household we brew and drink 4 gallons every week of this wonderful fizzy, tart, amazing beverage called kombucha. I’m giving it away as gifts this year and decided to jazz it up a little with some pomegranate seeds.

Here’s how to do it:

What you need:
1 gallon of filtered water
1 cup of white sugar
2 black tea bags
2 pomegranate flavored tea bags
1 pomegranate, seeded
1/4 cup kombucha (you can buy it at your local health food store)
1 cup pomegranate juice

Step 1:
Bring water to a boil and add the tea bags. Remove from heat and let steep for 10-20 minutes. Pour into a one gallon glass jar. Remove tea bags and add sugar, stir well. When cooled add the kombucha and the SCOBY. Cover with a clean cotton towel and let it sit in a quiet area to brew for one week. Taste it after a week and if its not sour let it sit longer. I typically let mine brew for two weeks.

Once the initial ferment is done, then you can bottle it and either drink it or do a second ferment. The second ferment is what produces the carbonation. We always double ferment.

Step 2:
You will need glass bottles that are resistant to pressure so they don’t break. We reuse old GT’s kombucha bottles. Pour pomegranate juice to about 1/2″ from the bottom in each bottle. Top off with kombucha. Add a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. Cap tightly. Store in a quiet area for another week. Refrigerate after one week. Enjoy! I bottled mine in larger bottles to give as gifts (old vinegar bottles from Trader Joes, and recycled wine corks)



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