Homemade bacon & butter topped cinnamon applesauce (kids love this!)


Fall is in full swing and that means apples are abundant and (if you don’t grow your own) cheap at your local grocer or co-op. My favorite apples are Honey crisp and Pink Lady, but today I am going to make some sauce from Gala apples because they were organic, convenient (at my local Trader Joe’s), and cheap ($2.50/2 lb bag!). Lets get this party started…

First you have to peel those bad boys. I peel mine into a pail, so I can add the peels to my compost. Caution that even when buying organic, you should always wash your apples if you are not going to peel them. You never know who’s dirty hands might have been handling them before you. And even when they are grown in the U.S and say organic on the label that only technically means that they were grown organic, some growers (lets say from Washington, for example) spray their “organic” apples with pesticides so they don’t get eaten by pests in transit to your local grocer. Gross, I know. That’s why I wash and peel them when I make apple sauce for my kiddos….even though they are organic.

Next, cut them up. I halve them and cut out the core. Then cut them into 1.5 inch cubes, approximately. You want them uniform so they cook evenly.


Put the apple chunks over low-medium heat and cook until it is a consistency you like.


Add cinnamon and nutmeg to your taste. I like mine chunky so I cook it for about 45 minutes.


When the sauce is done cooking add sea salt and raw local honey to taste.


As you can see I am not much for recipes, I tend to add stuff until it tastes just right. Sorry about that all of you recipe followers. Next I add the sauce to jars and either water bath can them or stick them in the freezer in the jar. Make sure you leave about 1-2 inches of space from the top of the jar to allow for expansion when freezing.


Enjoy topped with raw grass-fed butter (if you have access to it) and pastured bacon. YUM! A huge hit with the kiddies for sure. GAPS and primal friendly.



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