The Beginning



Hello and welcome to my blog. A little bit of background on me: I am a Registered Nurse who is struggling with what I do in my day-to-day of pushing pills and “fixing” people surgically who continue to dietarily re-offend their bodies. I love helping people, but I am conflicted as to how much help I am actually giving this grossly misinformed population we see in our hospital. Very little to no information is given on diet and preventative care. This has frustrated me for years and led me to develop a very strong passion for nutrition and all of the healing that stems from properly nourishing our bodies.

I went back to school for Holistic Nutrition, where I learned to counsel people on how to live a better life through good nutrition. This is what I truly love to do! Unfortunately right now my busy life cannot fit both jobs, and my nursing job pays the bills. I have two young children and my nursing job allows me to work two very long shifts per week and be home with my babies the remaining five days.

With every free moment I get I am in a book, on a blog, or listening to a podcast on nutrition. In the past year I have adopted the Paleo lifestyle and I am not looking back. Through my years of reading and schooling on nutrition, this diet really speaks the most to me and how we live our lives as a family. It just makes sense! So, here I sit, at my computer, starting my blog in the hopes of conjuring up some interest in Paleo for people with similar situations to myself…hoping to infiltrate “Modern Medicine” with the Paleo mindset. I’m launching out into the Paleosphere!


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